Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Ball 2008 ~ Twist The Night Away
Chelsea and her date, Kyle Schutz
Kirby, Meagan and Matt in the Limo on the way to dinner
Chelsea and Ashley looking pretty for the cameras. All 4 cameras were going off at the same time. I am sure they were blinded by the papparazzi flashes!!
Kyle, Chelsea, Ashley and Matt. Again total blindness by the cameras!
Chelsea and Kyle in the Limo to dinner!


Amy said...

They all look amazing! Chelsea's dress is beautiful. It looks like they were having a great start to a wonderful night!!!! Great memories!

Lolli said...

Ohhh...what pretty girls (and handsome boys)! I love the last picture of Chelsea. You better lock that girl up!! She's is so darn pretty!!

Lynn said...

They looked so nice! Gorgeous dress on Chelsea. What a fun beginning to the holidays for them!!

Lolli said...

Hey...check out my blog. I just picture tagged you;)